​​Steve Umberger - The Playworks Group

Lyndall Hare’s wide-ranging international background brings depth, practicality and a unique, informed sensitivity to her lifelong work in the fields of gerontology, aging, and caregiving. Her innate concern for well-being in the lives of all people has led her through 40+ years of education and professional experience as mentor, consultant, activist, author and speaker. She is that rare individual who is always both student and teacher, combining expertise and curiosity in her passionate approach to the many innovative programs she’s helped create. And through her love of the human story, as well as her gift for storytelling, she's been able to share that body of work on the page and on stage. My experiences with Lyndall - especially as collaborator on the three year theatre project with the elder community, Acting Our Age - have been some of the most interesting and rewarding of my career. Many, including me, are lucky to be able to say that Lyndall's perspective has helped them discover new depth and unseen potential in their work, and in their lives.

Norman H. Pollock, Participant in Acting Our Age

I have known Lyndall Hare since the first Aldersgate Mentoring session for employees in the first year we were here in 2016.  I was impressed with her skill in both helping the employees to formulate a plan for their futures, and in helping the mentors to bring their experience to bear on guiding the young men and women to fully using their ambition and talents.  During this process I came to realize that she has a genuine passion for eliciting from all with whom she works their life experience and how they view it.  She has a real liking for old people, something that not all who work with them have.

This impression was solidified when I worked with her and her colleague Steve in putting together the script of “Acting our Age” at Aldersgate during 2017-19.  In the weekly meetings  Lyndall’s profound respect for our pasts, our accomplishments, and our insights gained in long lives convinced me that she had really found her life’s work in helping others express what theirs had been.  Lyndall Hare has helped me to evaluate what my life has been in telling my story.

Kathlene Hendrick, Director of Human Relations, Aldersgate

I became aware of the wonderful idea of having our independent living residents mentor our frontline team members at a Leading Age National Conference in 2013.  A lovely young man shared his experience of participating in a mentoring program, connecting with his mentor, and how much it helped him reach educational, career, and personal goals.  It impacted me in such a way that I came home and mentioned it to our CEO – what an amazing way to get our residents engaged and involved and how wonderful it would be for our team members, some of whom have never experienced the benefit of a mentor.  I honestly didn’t know how to make a program like this happen at Aldersgate…but things happen in such remarkable ways.  A year later, in a meeting with Dr. Lyndall Hare, she mentioned a mentoring program that she had developed and after several moments, I realized that this was the program that I had heard about!  I was excited to partner with Dr. Hare and we held our first mentoring class in 2016.  On the very first day, the energy in the room between the mentors and mentees was phenomenal.  Our residents loved being able to share their life experiences, educational paths, and career journeys.  Our team members gained so much insight, knowledge, and confidence.  They gained powerful skills during the program that will be with them the remainder of their careers and lives.  I knew at the end of that first year that this program was one that I would plan on and build upon every year going forward.

Without a doubt, this program has been a vehicle for employee inclusion, engagement, and growth.  It has provided our residents with an opportunity to share so much knowledge at a time in life when that opportunity might not be presented often.  I’ve witnessed the amazing impact it has had on team members who lost the hope in reaching their dreams.  I’ve witnessed energy within the residents who participate.  I’ve not seen another program like this…one that has such tremendous outcomes that you literally can’t wait to see how people’s lives are changed at the end of it.

Linda H. Miller - Centralina Area Agency on Aging

​​We have used Dr. Hare at multiple conferences and events and we are never disappointed.  She has extensive knowledge of working in the aging field and gerontology but brings heart and compassion to everything she does.  She manages to reach every person in the audience, whether an older adult or a seasoned healthcare professional, with new information or a new way of providing care with dignity and respect.  She is passionate about what she does and possesses the rare quality of being both an outstanding speaker and an insightful teacher.  Our education events are better for Dr, Hare having been a key part of them.

Kathy Tosney, MSW, Team Member for Mepkin Abby's Contemplative Eldering Retreats

I have worked with Lyndall for the past 8 years as part of Mepkin’s Contemplative Eldering Retreat Team. Lyndall brings amazing clinical expertise as a Gerontologist to our retreats, but  Lyndall also brings her extraordinary gifts of Story Telling. Lyndall is a born a “Story Teller” and her warm and welcoming personality sets the stage and holds the space for people to embody and share their own stories. Through the “Power of Story”, her own personal story in particular, she spiritually leads retreatants into a “liminal space” where people encounter their own story that has been growing inside them. Through guided imagery, Lyndall leads people on a journey where their personal story intersects the Divine allowing the power of transformation to occur. I often hear Lyndall’s words echo in my heart: “All stories are old, the only thing new is You.” What an amazing gift Lyndall brings to our world as she encourages us to give birth to the sacredness of our own stories.

Louise Rice, Sages Team Co-Chair,
St. Peter Catholic Church

Dr. Lyndall Hare was a blessing from above to St. Peter Catholic Church Sages Group (59+) . She has given 2 presentations and lots of advice to our ministry. Her grasp and understanding of Eldering and  Elderhood is beyond compare . She is well versed in her specialty, compassionate, caring , enthusiastic and engaging! Her Interactive Workshops were highly praised  by our over 90 participants . I and our Sages Team would highly  recommend her for energizing and educating you individually or as a group.

Ruth James, Mentee in Living the Vision Mentoring Program
Before the program I had given up on re-enrolling in college at the age of 22, and I struggled to find my purpose in life and every day seemed repetitious. Although I had a passion for the position I held as the dining room supervisor, I wanted to explore new experiences and grow both within a company I loved so much and within my career. I was encouraged by Constance Williams (my supervisor) and Kathlene Hendrick (H.R. Director) to apply to the program. After being accepted into the program, I was paired with my mentor, Gus Deal, and instantly clicked with him. Our time spent together taught me a lot about controlling my emotions, realizing my way isn’t always the right way, and understanding that growth takes time. My mentor also helped me to identify that my true passion is helping others and making a difference in their lives. He coached me on how to positively approach any situation.

Throughout the class I became more confident within myself and within my abilities as a business professional. I even accepted a different position within the culinary department that enabled me to learn the administrative side of my department and not just the operational aspects. I learned how to network and how to maintain professional relationships. I was able to reenroll into a Bachelor’s Degree program at East Carolina University where I am continuing to study Business Administration.

The mentor program gave me the confidence and drive that I needed to continue with my journey. Everything I have learned from this program I still apply to my everyday life and I’m very grateful that I was able to partake in this program!