​Charles H. Edwards, MD - Memory Center Charlotte

"Dr. Lyndall Hare has worked closely with us at the Memory Center Charlotte in several roles. I have been impressed with her clinical judgment and managerial skills in several challenging situations. She excels at case management and caregiver training."

Skype Eldercare Coaching Client

"My mother is in South Africa. I'm in Los Angeles with a sister in Paris.  Through Skype calls and her knowledge of aging services and family dynamics, Lyndall was able to present us with various scenarios and then put a plan in place for us that was creative and workable across distance.  We felt guided and supported by her eldercare coaching services."

​Eric Anderson - Caregiver Client for 4 years

"I'm really talking about quality of life issues when describing Lyndall's Concierge Gerontology services.  As a caregiver, I've experienced an industry barely meeting the guidelines necessary to support daily memory care needs.

Lyndall has changed that experience.  She has provided the care and directives I needed to relieve my concerns regarding overall well being for my lifelong friend who was confronting the challenges of dementia and resident memory care living. 

Lyndall is a hands-on, proactive coach and caregiver. She created a strong bond with our family and works across professional lines. She continues to renew my faith in eldercare professionals and taught me how to maneuver successfully within the memory care environment."